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About Us

IMG_3349-small.jpgCMP Inc. is committed to being the premier sheetmetal manufacturer for Silicon Valley. Our dedication to quality, service and on-time delivery is a major component in our effort to make CMP your sheetmetal supplier.

Our modern facility, located in Gilroy, California, has been designed to assist you in the manufacture of today’s increasingly complex sheetmetal components. At CMP, we take our customers’ product challenges as our own, and continually seek ways in which we can assist them in producing their products in a quicker, more efficient and cost-effective IMG_3398-small.jpgmanner.

We are a leading manufacturer of precision sheetmetal products servicing the electronic and medical equipment industries. CMP offers custom fabrication of a wide range of products from covers, panels and enclosures to card cage and frame assemblies. The CMP engineering and technical staff is ready to assist you with any of your prototype and production requirements. We use state-of-the-art software to produce the results you need. Fabriwin CAD CAM software is used in assisting the layout and programming of the N/C Punching machines. Solidworks is also used in the design and drawing procedures.

IMG_3406-small.jpgOur turnkey assembly capability is designed to assist you in the manufacture of today’s complex sheetmetal assemblies. We are dedicated to quality, service, and on-time delivery.

Our MRP system gives us a complete inventory management system. CMP can manage a bill of materials of any size.

We assemble a variety of frames which require exterior panels. With the product crated in kit form, the customer is assured consistent color matches and limited liability. We can also assemble and test most electronic subassemblies.

CMP’s trucks deliver daily throughout the Bay Area. Our participation in customer JIT and Kon Bon Programs ensure on-time delivery. We can even recycle your containers.

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